Gabe Katz


Operations Manager

Gabe is an East Coaster, communications specialist, food enthusiast, wearer of many hats kind of guy. Originally from Massachusetts, he attended Temple University in Philadelphia where he began relationships not just with his future wife, but also in the form of a renewed commitment to God through Jesus while attending Epiphany Fellowship just a few blocks from his off-campus apartment.

Gabe moved to New York after graduation in 2010 and got married in 2013. Now with their powers and resources combined, he and his wife Keisha began searching for a new church home that could stir their hearts the way they once were back in Philadelphia. In 2015 they came across the growing plant of Epiphany Brooklyn, and after a brief visionary meeting with Pastor Brandon and his wife over lunch (of course) and a lot of prayer (obviously), the decision was made to begin the new adventure together.

After that meeting in March of 2015, Gabe worked diligently as a semi-full-time volunteer through the many church planting stages, before finally coming on staff shortly after Epiphany Church’s launch. His commitment, attitude and business hours haven’t changed much, he just has an official title now and some new “hats” to wear. Gabe’s hope is to guide the development and growth of the church, while empowering the immensely gifted group of church volunteers (his wife included) to serve Brooklyn and spread the gospel!