DNA Groups

DNA Groups

“Striving side by side for the faith of the gospel” – Philippians 1:27

What is a DNA Group?

The Christian life was never intended to be lived in isolation – rather in and through our relationships with each other as family. We should remember we can’t do it alone. A DNA Group should consist of two, no more than three people – men with men, women with women. These smaller groups allow for frequent contact and depth of relationship that will be unique and would be difficult with more people. Keeping the groups gender specific helps prevent falling into unnecessary sin.

DNA is an acronym for Discipleship, Nurture & Accountability.


  • Reminding one another of our identity in Jesus Christ
  • Admonishing and teaching one another to obey Jesus’s commands (Matthew 28:18-20)
  • Encouraging one another to serve in tangible ways


  • Getting deeply connected in the lives of one another
  • Checking one another’s heart and passions by asking Spirit-led questions
  • Praying with and for each other


  • Encouraging and helping each other to live out what the scriptures say
  • Speaking the truth in love as we see areas of sin, correcting and rebuking with God’s Word when necessary
  • Pushing one another to pursue God-given goals

What should our DNA time look like?

Forming these groups take a significant commitment from each member. Members should covenant to do the following:

  • Meet in person at least two times a month
  • Meetings should last for at least one hour
  • Read and meditate on God’s Word regularly
  • Honestly expose their own sin
  • Keep in complete confidence what each member reveals
  • Encourage one another to take practical steps to break patterns of sin
  • Pray earnestly for one another to embrace Christ in deep repentance
  • Continually pray for friends, family members and others who are not yet following Christ