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When we operate within the gifts we’re given, we are able to see ourselves the way Lord designed us.

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Worship Team

Our Worship Team begins and ends our service each Sunday by facilitating and performing the songs of praise to our God. Our team at Epiphany Church utilizes a mix of contemporary Christian music, gospel, hymnal and other styles of music to do their best to create an impactful experience for all.


God is the ultimate creator of creativity. We embrace that he created us in image as creatives. The CRTVs use our creativity to attract people to the local church. Through the use of promotional materials, social media interaction, and in-service presentation, as well as the production of video and still photography, the dynamic makeup of this ministry helps bring the vision of our church to life.


The Hospitality Ministry at our church is in place to do just that: create a hospitable environment for every person who walks through our church doors. Whether they are graciously serving light breakfast in the morning, tending to the needs of any new visitors or regular members in service, or just answering questions wherever they are being asked, these folks are always there when you need them.

Epiphany Kids

A vital component of our church’s makeup is the ability to care for the children of our congregants so they are able to enjoy service each Sunday. Not only does our Epiphany Kids ministry take on this responsibility, but they also engage the youth ages 3-9 each week with insightful and gospel-centered teaching and worship to make their experience as meaningful as what’s going on in the sanctuary.

Communion Team

You will see our Communion Team each and every Sunday serving communion. 1 Cor 11:26 says “For as often as you eat this bread and drink the cup, you proclaim the Lord’s death until he comes” At Epiphany receiving communion together as one body in remembrance of Christ’s sacrifice is important for us. This ministry prepares and distributes communion to all who have trusted in the work of Christ.

Safety Team

The Safety Team at our church is in charge of all the maintenance and security of our space, moving the equipment and anything else we need them to do so we can worship together. They make sure the environment of our church is as comfortable as can be!

Tech Arts

The Technical Arts (TechArts) team is the behind-the-scenes opportunity to effectively communicate the message of God’s grace and love by providing audio, visual and technical support for Sunday services and other church events. The team is comprised of talented individuals with all levels of experience who have a passion for serving God and His people with excellence.


Prayer team

men's ministry

Beloved (women's ministrY)

Single Ladies Ministry

Abound (Women's Ministry)

Mom's ministry